The biggest araipaima of the Amazon

It was already considered the biggest fish in the Amazon. But the specimen of pirarucu captured on the island of Mameloca, in the municipality of Japurá, 787 kilometers from Manaus, is simply gigantic. There are 2.9 meters and 220 kilos of pure Amazon, proving the superlatives of our region.

The giant pirarucu was transferred to the headquarters of the Secretariat of Rural Production of Amazonas (Sepror) in November 2020, after being captured by fishermen. Now, it is stored in a refrigerator, without the viscera, to go through the taxonomy process in the future – description, identification and detailed classification – before being put on display.

The giant was captured in a management area for the species, where around 20 families of fishermen live. To transport the fish it is necessary a joint action of force and strategy with six men to be able to carry it. The pirarucu’s head alone is 69 centimeters. The pectoral fin is 40 cm long and 30 cm wide. The tail has 75 cm. The distance between the eyes is 20 cm and the scales measure 12 cm.

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